Oceano Boutique Hotel & Gallery - Jaco Beach, Puntarenas, 61101, Costa Rica


Very near Oceano, you can try some of the more than a thousand combinations of the world famous Tacos Tacobar, accompany your delicious dinner with wine of your choice, or a delicious sangria a smothie or what is more fancy.

Tacobar offers a variety of dishes, including a large and delicious salad bar to enjoy a very special atmosphere.

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Los Sueños Marina

Only 7 minutes from Oceano, you can enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the 4 restaurants offering a beautiful view to the exclusive Marina Los Sueños, you can see the luxury yachts, with delicious dishes, from American, Italian and Japanese Restaurant choices, with excellent service and quality.

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Marsican Gelato Lounge

After dinner, it is obligatory stop to taste the best homemade ice cream Jaco, in Marsican, is variety of flavors made with tropical fruits, and also the most well known as are the classic ice cream.

It is a very nice place with great atmosphere and excellent service, highly recommended by Oceano.